Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #51: lovely layers

Dear Bathroom and Closet, we are going to tear you apart this weekend.  I can't wait to get this party started!  no offense, but i don't like you very much right now.  Dear Weekend, I'm so glad that we are finally going to be home for awhile.  i foresee a ski trip in the near future, but that's about it.  Dear Husband, just a little reminder that Valentine's Day is only six days away.  hint: takeout sushi, fire, s'mores and movie please...  oh and maybe a present or two would be nice.  Dear Clothes Shopping, I haven't had much luck with you lately, it's been rather disappointing I'd say.  Dear Running, it's been awhile since I've visited you, thanks to my knees...  We reunited on Wednesday and I didn't like you very much.  Thanks again knee...  I liked being a couch potato better, but I don't want a squishy butt.  okay really, i need to get off my tuchus more often and do something!  Dear Pinterest, you probably went into shock this week after I pinned more than 150 pins.  sorry about that.  I was pin happy and maybe a little bored at work.  Dear Husband, good luck at the Krispy Kreme challenge tomorrow.  5 miles plus 12 donuts, ick!  gross.   Friday's Letters Linkup

lovely layers

GUESS shirt, $110 / Hollister Co. hollister co / Merona® Women's Favorite Oxford Shirt - Assorted Colors / Steve Madden / Wendy Nichol gold earrings / Michael Kors , $360 / Saks Fifth Avenue mitten fingerless glove / Topshop / River Island , $16

Ahhh layers...  the season of layers is one of my favorites.  Layers are great for those temperamental seasons when in the morning it's cold and during the day it warms up a bit.  the ability to strip a layer is wonderful.  I'm still working on mastering the skill from my own closet, but when I have free reign online it's a different story.  Friday's Fancies Linkup


  1. I love this! So simple, yet so cozy. Layers are the best thing about the cold months.

  2. Oooh that sweater looks so cozy! Love those earrings too! Good luck with the home renovations! And a Krispy Kreme challenge??! Sounds like an equally awesome and terrible idea! :)

  3. One of my coworkers is doing the donut race! Ewwwww. I think I would - no I know I would throw up. I can't imagine eating 12 donuts without running!

  4. Simple cozy & chic!

    Happy Friday & have a great weekend!!!
    World According to Shia

  5. I want this entire outfit. Like I am obsessed. Seriously.

    And if your husband and you don't do the sushi, s'mores and all that, call me. Sounds magical lol!

  6. The outfit is so cute!! and % miles + 12 doughnuts?! ew!! clothes shopping is a pain when you're not feeling anything you try on :(have fun tearing out four bathroom and closet!!

  7. good luck with all the work... always exciting!


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