Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #52: Girly Attire

Dear Husband, thank you for a wonderful date night in for Valentine's Day!  Sushi, with s'mores bars (recipe next week), a fire and presents!  perfect night!  love you!  Dear Weekend, a weekend with no plans?  I'm just fine with that!  It sounds like a good weekend to work on a project!  Dear Closet, I'm very excited to finish you this weekend!  Then we are going to demolish your next door neighbor, the bathroom.  Dear Amy, I love our monthly lunch dates on Friday's!  Dear Petsmart Worker, no, but thank you for asking if I was a lawyer.  I am just an honest person, who walked out to their car, realized that you forgot to charge me for an item in my basket and came back in to pay for it.  #dontbesoshockedthattheirarehonestpeopleinthisworld  Dear Husband, yes, I like my food charred to make sure it's cooked thoroughly.  I can't help it.  #lifelongissue  Dear Norman (the cat), thanks for approving the new litter.  I was pretty nervous you were going to boycott and poop on my bed or something.    I knew your sister would never do such a thing.  thanks a pant load.  Friday's Letters Linkup
Girly Attire

Wallis a line cocktail dress / GUESS heels / Tod's cross body tote / Kate Spade bangle jewelry / Kate Spade bow stud earrings

Conversation on February 13th via chat

Amanda: Don't get me any flowers for Valentine's Day, okay?
Joe:  Really.........?  Is this a test?
Amanda: Really... don't
Joe:  Are you sure?  This feels like a test...

At this point I'm seriously cracking up at my desk... So, I did ask for a few tubs of tulips from Lowe's.  Hopefully those will be picked up later tonight!  However, the winter weather tomorrow may get in the way for planting purposes so that may get put on hold.  Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


  1. smore bars! YUM!! love the girly attire. such classic pieces!

  2. This is so perfect! Happy Weekend girl! Hope you get to plant your flowers!

  3. Love love LOVE that dress!! That print is SUPER cute!!

    Happy Friday & have a great weekend!
    World According to Shia

  4. i adore that purse and those pumps are GLORIOUS :)

    sounds like you will have a marvelous weekend!!

    happy friday!

  5. Actually obsessed with that dress, should not have seen it because now I totally want it! Such an adorable look :) Happy weekend!
    xx, Emily

  6. Hahaha!! Husband and I would go back and forth like that when we were dating around Valentine's Day! I've just never really been into it, but flowers are nice every now and then! Love the bow jewlery... of course it is Kate Spade! <3


  7. haha my cats boycott new "healthy" food...i know cats don't appreciate food change, but overweight kitties aren't good either. Love the dress :)

  8. I love this!


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