Wednesday, March 13, 2013

basking in the sun

 photo Contessa-6_zpsfe272f4c.jpg

 photo Contessa-7_zpse7a51617.jpg
sweet sweet contessa

During the cold winter months our kittens love to bask in the sun.  Several windows in our home allow the sun to shine through.  Throughout the day the kittens will move from one location to another to feel the warmth on their soft silky fur.  i can't blame them...  We too long for the days of warm sun and air on our skin.  Not only to feel the sun, but the arrival of the birds serenading us and blooms starting to unearth themselves from the winters cold.  soon enough... soon enough...


  1. Yes, soon enough, the warmth with come for us all. In the meantime, I'm jealous of your kittens.

  2. aww love the pics. Our apartment gets little sun, but both cats love to curl up on the top perch of the cat tree and "people" watch/ nap from there


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