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Friday, March 29

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #56: pastels

Dear Husband, it's unacceptable for me to have to put a meeting request on your calendar for a date night!  really?  Dear Shopping Extravaganza, last week you got me in a lot of trouble.  You sent me countless emails trying to persuade me to shop with all of those fancy sales.  Well thanks to you, I purchased about 14 things.  Dear Fruit Tarte, thank you for averting my husbands eyes from the front door on the way home from work.  oh we carpool and i purchased a yummy tarte at lunch for the husband.  Dear 3 days off from work, you were awesome.  I lounged around in my pajamas most of the day, didn't wear makeup,  ran errands and was able to watch 3 days of webcast on family photography.  It was awesome AND even better I won a quote contest during the webcast!  Venice Album and Triple Scoop Gift Card worth $295! Here's my tweet!  Dear Friday, I think you are the first Friday that I have had to work in the office in over 1.5 years.  A surprise drive by through Dunkin Donuts made this girl a little chipper.  Dear Husband, I don't know what kind of 20 minute workout you brought home, but 3 sets of all of that crap (burpees, pushups, knee highs, squats, etc., etc., etc..) is crazy!  I did 1 of 3 sets and my legs felt like jello.  Oh and two days later they still hurt.  thanks a pant load.  Dear Ella Lane, thank you for doing an awesome giveaway!  Congratulations to the winner!  Did you win?  Check it out here Ella Lane Giveaway.


  1. I'd definitely have bought way too much, too....I do it all the time! And the jelly legs, trust me - I get those too!
    <3 Kiersten

  2. heeyyyyyy there! Love your casual friday look! Hope you have a lovely spring weekend :)

  3. I bet you was glad to have 3 days off! Lord knows I would be thankful with 3 days off... I would hate to schedule a date with the hubs so I feel bad for you having to do it!

  4. That is suuuuch a cute outfit! And your husband making you put in a meeting request?! TOO funny.


  5. i normally can resist the sale email...but JCrew Factory stores is having 50% off the entire adition to my teacher's discount..I'd be INSANE to resist!!

  6. this is VERY cute!! i would def wear this outfit

  7. That workout sounds intense!! i am sure its great for you though!! I love that outfit so cute!!


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