Monday, March 18, 2013


 photo Camo-1_zps684905cb.jpg

 photo Camo-2_zpsfc2012c3.jpg
beanie: UO, shirt: F21, cardigan: Zara (similar), jeans: Gap, shoes: Journey's, bag: theit

This past weekend we had great intentions of getting our last ski in before spring arrives.  We both left work early on Thursday and decided to use Friday as a sick day.  Once we were home we were completely indecisive on whether we wanted to make the drive or not.

Amanda: Do you want to drive 3 hours, ski all day and drive 3 hours back?
Joe: I don't know.  do you?
Amanda: I don't know.  do you?
Joe: I don't know.  do you?
Amanda: I don't know do you....

I think this conversation went on for at least an hour.  Finally we decided to skip the ski trip.  bitter sweet.  However, we still used Friday as a sick day, but rather than playing outside in the snow we decided to work hard on the closet / bathroom renovation.  After 7 weeks of still working in the closet, we are almost done and can move into the bathroom part of the renovation.  finally!  For the last 7 weeks our bedroom has more stuff in it than I'd care for, our office is our closet, I don't have any kitchen chairs (clothes are utilizing them) and sooner than later we will be living out of the guest bathroom.  it's going to be tough, but awesome when it's all done!

I don't know about you, but I definitely have a case of the Monday's...


  1. haha! sometimes that is just what happens isnt it? but! at least you got to have a relaxing weekend?!

  2. So funny! You look adorable :) Love the hat.

  3. Hahaha this happens all of the time with my husband and I!

  4. Mondays are literally the worst. At least you look good though! Love the simple graphic tee.

    xo Ashley

  5. I hope the rest of your day got better. A fun project for you to work on together is awesome! I love the pictures, BTW!


  6. Love the outfit!! and I have conversations like that with my husband...usually about when to visit his mom up in Northern CA hahaha

  7. LOVE the look!! the shirt the pants the hat... everything!! I'm loving it!! My husband and I do the same thing allll the time... we debate it for so long we totally miss the chance to do whatever it was we were trying to decide haha

  8. You might of had a case of the mondays...but the photography rocks! Thank u for taking us along with you on this fashion journey.

  9. really great outfit, love your camo pants!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  10. Ohhhhh home improvement!!!!! Fun times! We've done our fair share of that!

  11. that top is so cute! i love it!

  12. Love this. You look so cute. That top and those pants are just FUN!


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