Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #57: classic

Dear Grandpa O., the thought of you no longer here on this earth saddens my heart.  For the last week and a half my heart hurts...  You were a great, great man.  Your love for your family, generosity, kindness, strength will forever remain in our hearts.  we will miss you dearly  Dear Husband, somehow you have watched like 50 episodes of Duck Dynasty in the matter of a few weeks.  Somehow I put my awesome Harry Potter book down to see what's going on.  there is something wrong with me.  Dear Harry Potter, don't worry I still love you....  Dear Sweets, within the past 2 weeks I've had two large fruit tartes and four cupcakes and well a lot of small candy.  If you don't go away soon, I'm going to blow up into a whale!  Dear Weather, seriously you went straight from winter to summer.  This weeks highs were 10+ degrees warmer than usual.  Dear Spring, please come back!!!  Dear Husband, our 5 year anniversary is coming up soon.  We really need to plan something asap!  thanks a pant load.


Scoop neck dress, $31 / Marc by Marc Jacobs marc and marc jacob, $565 / Carolina Bucci gold jewelry, $13,095 / SUSAN FOSTER jewelry / Mallary Marks jewelry


  1. Love these letters. And I'm so with you on "Dear Sweets"

  2. Sorry to hear of your loss, hope you feel better soon x

  3. Sorry to hear of your loss.
    That outfit is gorgeous!

  4. Im sorry about your Grandpa. :( I hope you can find a little comfort this week.

    If I could, I'd give you a little bit of my springtime! I feel that everyone needs an equal share. Spring is the best season out there.

    Amanda | Living in Another Language

  5. Oh wow, love this look you have picked out!

  6. sorry about your loss, hope you and your family are coping ok. I love harry potter too! thanks for stopping by for the blog hop - following you now :)

  7. So sorry for your loss. The LBD and heels are very classy.

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  8. Im sorry about your grandfather's passing!

  9. So sorry about your grandfather! Duck dynasty is hilarious...and I'm from Louisiana! They crack me up though! Hope you're having a good Tuesday! :-)

  10. I keep hearing about Duck Dynasty but I have no idea what it is! It actually sounds like a cartoon but I"m thinking it's not. Wow, is that gold jewelry really 13k? Guess I won't be buying it anytime soon!!

  11. congrats on five years! every year anniversary is so exciting! also, i know what you mean about the sweets. my parents came to visit and brought with them HEAPS of discount easter candy. it's trouble. big trouble.


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