Friday, May 31, 2013

friday's letters & animal cruelty

animal cruelty is sometimes just plain cute... this is my sweet little Contessa

Dear Fabulous Fun Finds, thank you for selecting me as the winner for Lily and Lace Boutique giveaway!  if you don't already follow FFF, you really should.  it's almost all giveaways and great finds.  Dear Chicago, I love you.  You are one fun city to visit!  Especially all of the shopping!  All of the stores we don't have locally!  Zara, Akira Chicago, Top Shop, American Apparel, to name a few...  Oh and if we do have the store, your stores are 3x larger!  awesome.  Dear NARS, why have I waited so long to use you?  Your Satin Lip Pencil stays on for hours, even after drinking, eating, everything.  Color purchased: Yu.  awesome.  Dear Summer, you are basically here.  I'm glad you delayed your hot humid weather for awhile.  I'm really not a huge fan.  the sun, yes, the beach yes, but greater than 90 degree days, absolutely not.  Thank goodness you aren't here yet...  Dear Shower, I'm soooooooooooooooo excited you are finally done!  I have a shower!  Well really the main shower, we have a guest shower.  good thing.  Only a few minor things left and we are done!  woooo hoooooooo!  before and after reno will be posted soon.  Dear Contessa, thank you for letting me dress you up in cute baby clothes.  Dear Mom, thanks for crocheting the cute baby clothes!  ahhh the talent.  now I just need a newborn photo shoot to be able to them besides on my cat!  Dear Living Well Spending Less blog, I read your post on 'The 40 Hanger Closet'.  I think the concept of purging ones closet to only have 40 of your favorite awesome items is a great idea.  It makes sense.  However, after reading the article I considered it, but maybe with 100 hangers.  Then the thought stressed me out so much that I had to order myself a new shirt.  thanks a pant load.


  1. Hi my dear Amanda!!!!!
    When I saw Contessa's photo on instagram, I started laughing...and I was at work!!!hahahaha!!!!
    She is perfect!!!
    Thank you so much for your precious advice!!!!
    I'm going to write my e-mail on my blog!!
    (if you want, my mail is:
    Have a sweet Saturday!!!

  2. Well helloooo Contessa, my Gordon thinks she looks particularly fetching in that hat! However she doesn't look as impressed...? lol so cute :-)

    Vanessa x


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