Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #59: b&w

Dear Fairytales Are True, among a few other bloggers that I have been following.  The commencement of clearing the clutter is rather contagious.  After the massive bathroom and closet reno, pre-organizing the closet I had cleaned out clothes.  The images, well prove that I still have way too many clothes!  it's time to continue to clear the clutter at the ole English Ranch.  thank goodness for local consignment stores nearby!  and off they go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dear Self, just because you cleaned out your closet doesn't mean that you should go buy a bunch of stuff...  i think i need to stop following fashion bloggers because they get me into too much trouble! i'm sure you all can relate to that...  or maybe you just have more self control than i do.  (:  Dear StyleMint, I'm not really sure that I like that you are a monthly membership because that means I have to remember each month to 'skip this month' if I don't want to make a purchase and not get charged.  However, I have received one pair of shoes from you thus far and love wearing them 24/7.  I think the husband is annoyed with my, 'have I told you how much I love these shoes?' comment.  Dear Neighbor, as we were walking by your house the other evening for a run...  you dragged your teenage daughter outside and started loudly cursing at her.  She may have been disrespectful, but cursing at her is not setting a good example.  Plus now you have neighbors that think you are a disrespectful and rude neighbor.  Dear Running, I've missed you.  10 months off due to injury, I'm glad we are friends again.  thanks a pant load...

Black & White

Top / H and M skinny leg jeans, $16 / Converse white leather shoes, $93 / Amrita Singh initial ring / Vince Camuto bangle bracelet / Pieces plastic earrings, $13


  1. i think we could be the same person.

    one. i clean out my closet + buy more stuff. bad. & i think about unfollowing fashion bloggers all the time. haha

    two. stylemint gets me everytime. i hate that i have to skip each month, so i have been considering canceling my membership until i really want something (which you can do, i have done it before in the past!)

    three. & i have missed running too from a prior injury. no fun.

    & love this outfit, so adorably cute!
    have a lovely weekend.

  2. I do the same thing when I clean out my closet, then I just want more!

  3. Haha I am the exact same when I clean out my wardrobe!! Loving this black & white outfit you've put together... it's making me want a pair of high-tops! Have a lovely weekend xx

  4. Your letters always give me a good chuckle :) You can call StyleMint and just tell them that you want out of the monthly membership and still just buy something whenever you want.

    Happy weekend Amanda!
    Rowena @ rolala loves

  5. LOVE this outfit! Your neighbor needs a good talking to about their parenting skills!!!

  6. I'm pretty good about cleaning out the closet, but I TOTALLY agree with you about following fashion bloggers - they make me want a whole new wardrobe, it's crazy how much influence they can have!



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