Tuesday, June 25, 2013

grey & lace

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Dress: Heylee B.

I love the background of the last image as it gives you an idea of what our garden escape looks like.  If you had been to our house 5 years ago when we first bought our home it was absolutely nothing like this.  There was a 10x10 slab, 2 bradford pear trees, 6 small crepe myrtles and a little hill in the back (which is now the stone wall you see)...no fence and lots and lots of weeds, no grass really.  We spent an entire spring and summer (2009) working on this yard.  We added a fence, emerald zoysia grass, 64 foot long retaining wall, 700 square foot stamped concrete patio, a huge pergola (made by my very talented hubby), of course the necessary patio furniture and grill, and tons and tons of flowers including those beautiful wisteria vines trailing up the pergola you see behind me.  They still have a few years to make it across the top, but boy are they lovely come April with those grape looking flowers.

We both fancy sitting under the pergola during the early weekend mornings to drink our coffee, read and have a bite.  Rest assure you we are both out there before any of ya'll wake-up.  Yes I said ya'll.  That makes me southern I suppose.  (:  


  1. Lovely outfit......soothing backdrop!!!


  2. So...you're stunning, and your garden looks AMAZING!!!!
    I dream about a garden like this!!

  3. These pictures are beautiful! I love your hair, it's so pretty! And I love sitting outside super early too, its the best feeling. im more of a morning person than a night person

  4. You look just BEAUTIFUL and I love, love, love the romantic, casual and effortless style of your hair! :)

  5. This maxi looks great, I bought my second maxi dress yesterday at Buffalo Exchange for $15.00!

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  6. Love love love your maxi dress, and your hair looks so pretty! Your backyard looks pretty awesome too :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. Your hair looks really cute like that. Nice work.If I could just mention my skin care blog skin tightening treatment. Thank you :)


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