Monday, June 03, 2013

the longest renovation ever

We've owned our house now for 5 years at the end of this month.  We've done many updates to our home, but this was the last big one in the unforeseen future.  The master bathroom and walk-in closet.  I've wanted this update since the day we moved in, but this wasn't on the priority list.  I guess this isn't a mans dream area.  

We started the project this past Winter in January.  The husband went to Wisconsin for a week for work and came home to an empty closet.  I brought the kitchen chairs upstairs, laid dowel rods across them and hung all of our clothes in our 4th bedroom (the office).  Our shoes were strung all over our bedroom among many other things that were in the closet.  From a long week away from home, Joe came home to more work.  Weeks turned into months, merely 2 months to rip out wire closet shelves and carpet, paint, build custom shoe shelves, cubbies, and a few new hanging clothes bar.  Next was the master bathroom that took the remainder of the time.  We took out the 36 inches tall by 72 inches wide mirror and replaced it with 2 medicine cabinets.  We replaced the single show-light fixture, a little rewiring and added 2 separate lights for each sink.  We replaced all gold fixtures with polished chrome, ripped down a wall to then take out the fiberglass shower to tile and put in custom glass.  The shower head was replaced with a rain shower and shower massager.  We added a cabinet over the toilet.  We ripped out the linoleum and replaced the floor with tile.  We did leave a few things in, including the toilet, cabinets and tub.  I think Joe was rather pleased that I didn't want the entire thing gutted.

Don't you just love all of the gold fixtures and white walls? 

I'm not sure Norman really wanted us to get rid of the gold.  I think he kind of liked it.

The mirror was removed and the sink fixtures were replaced.

The wall between the shower and tub.  The random picture frame that when removed is an entry to above the first floor peak.

The fiber glass shower with the lovely gold frame and that was an upgrade 10 years ago!  The house was built in 2001.

Wire racks in the closet, no paint.

I thought the camo made me look tough for demoing the wall.

After the wall was torn down and the shower was gone, we kept the bathroom door closed and to keep the cats out.  Joe had been working in the bathroom all afternoon, the cats were sleeping and I was down stairs.  Joe went to the garage to grab a tool.  All I heard was, AMANDA GET UP HERE NOW!!!  I dropped everything and sprinted upstairs.  Contessa had jumped 4+ feet into a hole (soon to be a shower cubby) and got behind the wall!  Joe couldn't reach her, but she kept popping her head out of a hole that was 6+ feet up.  Neither of us could grab her to get her out.

You would think she'd try to come out the large hole (cubby), however behind the wall it is where a peak to the house lies and is steeply slanted.  She was unable to come of that hole and Joe was unable to reach hear at the peak.  The peak is near the hole where she was standing.  Joe grabbed 2x4, placed it near the hole where she peaked her head out and thankfully she walked right out on it as Joe held it.  She was only back there for less than 5 minutes.  Apparently, we weren't too stressed as Joe said 'you better take pictures of this'.

Once the cement board was up they were allowed back in.  Apparently Norman found that same cubby hole just as interesting as Contessa.

You know that random picture frame on the wall?  I took it down and painted our last initial on it to match our finger tip towels.  The blue is our bedroom paint color (beach theme).

Here is our finished product!

To the right is the shower, but this is a view to the door to the closet.  The actual door was removed because we didn't use it.  The closet spans approximately 92 inches wide, but there really isn't a good angle to take a photo of it.  This at least gives you an idea of the shelves (7 on top and 7 on the bottom).  

It's like rainbow bright threw up in our closet.

It didn't take them long to find a new playground.

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  1. Hey girl! Gorgeous bathroom. :) Love the updates. I just found you through YOLO Monday link-up. Nice to meet you, I'm following along.


  2. That looks amazing. Great job!

    Thank God your cat came out of the wall. I'd be having a bird.

  3. It looks great! I'm sure you're ecstatic to have it done, too!

  4. Looks so great! Love the shower!!

  5. What a good job, the finished product looks amazing! I love the pics of Norman and Contessa helping out :)

  6. OMG!!! Everything looks absolutely amazing. You should be hella proud. My cat sleeps in the sink too, that is hilarious. I saw you on the weekend link up, come say hey sometime!

  7. Y'all did a great job!! Beautiful!!

  8. Wow, amazing!! It all looks awesome. I am sure you are so thankful to have it done!

  9. Awwww your kitties just want to help! This reno looks like it is coming along nicely.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  10. All that shoe storage! So awesome, I bet!


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