Friday, July 19, 2013

friday's letter's & my whereabouts...

Dear Friends, I apologize for the lack of posts over the last few months.  My time has been limited volunteering at church, starting my new business and that day-to-day thing called a job just gets in the way.  Hopefully I will get my mojo back soon to post more frequently!  Dear Vacation Bible School (VBS), you kicked my butt this past week!  Squatting in a field for 2.5 hours photography young kids (600 of them!!!) playing capture the flag was exhausting.  For one, I didn't think twice about squatting in a field of grass.  rashes all over my legs from my grass allergy!  oops!  Then my quads were dead and a heating pad was required for 2 days.  yep i'm old.  But it's so exciting to see that many kids in one place to learn about God!!!  well worth it!  Dear Office, it's Summer and approximately 90+ degrees outside.  You keep it so cold that I have to have a space heater, sweater and whatever else to stay warm.  My joints hurt in my legs when I leave the office, there is something wrong with that. Dear Ants, why are you coming in my house?  I know it's hot out and you are interested in our air conditioning, blah blah blah, but you are not wanted.  Especially in Norman's food!  Norman doesn't share food!  (for you FRIENDS lovers).   Dear Fifi's Boutique, thanks for earning me a few dollars on consigning my clothes!  $100+!  if you don't live in NC, there are Fifi's in FL as well!  Dear Zoe, you crack me up!  Last week I was perusing through some of your vlog's and the husband was even laughing at your outtakes at the end.  (:  PS - I'm not a big youtube watcher, but I like about 50% of her vlog's (monthly favorites, essentials and hauls, etc).  i want an accent.  Dear American Apparel, next time you have something on back-order I would appreciate you telling me upfront on your website, not after I order it.  utter disappointment  Oh then my shipping confirmation showed up in my inbox with an expected delivery of Friday (today) and you held onto and delayed the delivery for an extra 4 days.  thanks a pant load.

Here are a few photos from: Days of Knights - VBS 2013

These boys were here volunteering to help with the outdoor games.  Such handsome fellas.

There were about 600 kids at VBS, 3 sets of 200 came outside to play capture the flag.  First there were instructions.  Then they were off!


It was sure fun though!

returning the almost captured flag

snack time

If you lived in the triangle you would definitely know that Duke and UNC are huge basketball rivals.  I just loved that these two boys were best buds anyways.

Shade and break time.


  1. First of all, awesome pictures. We tried to photograph Jamesville's Easter Egg Hunt for my aunt this year, and trying to get a million running kids in focus was too much for this lady!

    Secondly, we're battling ants, too. I finally conquered the ones hanging out near my kitchen sink, but now they're invading our pantry! I had to throw away our honey a few days ago, and when I came downstairs this morning, Jason said he had found extra "protein" in his Honey Nut Cheerios. The box promptly went in the trash! I hate ants. Hate them! Arg!

  2. Wow Amanda!!
    These photos are beautiful!!!!
    I like a lot the sixth!
    You're really good at!
    Have a nice Saturday!

  3. The vbs pictures are so great!

  4. Woohoo so impressed to see your new business - you really are a fantastic photographer Amanda so it's great to see you putting your skills out there :-)

    I have a small business + full time day job as well so I know how tough it can be, have been completely AWOL from blogging myself the past few months!
    Loving keeping up with you and your catbabies on instagram though!!

    Vanessa x

  5. these are precious!!! such a great photos of the kids!


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