Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday's Letters & Friday's Fancies Week #60: back to school

Dear A Little Dash of Darling, a $200 shopping spree to ASOS!  This is one excited girl!  Thank you!  What did I order you ask?  (this and this with lots to still shop for! and everyone tried to talk me out of these, but I ordered this anyways).  I'm embracing the 90's!  Dear Husband, now I can shop!  No more ban until September!  Woo hoo!  PS - he banned me from further shopping until I go home (Florida) to visit my parents.  He knows there is no stopping my mother and I from shopping.  Lost cause!  Dear Boyfriend Jeans, you do NOT look good on me.  I still want you though...  Dear Blogger, thanks for posting my polyvore 4 days early.  I love when you decide to trick me.  thanks a pant load...

Back to School!  

School seems so long ago, but working on a University Campus I get to experience the new kids moving in day which was this past Tuesday.  It was mayhem!  Then realized these kids look like they are 12 years old!  My gosh I am getting so old!

One of my favorite bands in the later years of high school and college was the Deftones.  If you know who they are I'll give you a virtual high five!  One of their songs was called Back To School (listen and watch here).  I've actually taken Joe to one Deftones concert at a very small venue in DC.  He said he felt like his ears were bleeding.  You are forewarned, intrigued and probably utterly shocked that I liked this band.  The music makes me feel like dressing 'grungy'.  (:

back to school

H&M blouse, $31 / H&M grey top, $20 / H&M blue jeans, $47 / H&M leopard shoes, $20 / ASOS zip top bag / ASOS beanie / H&M aviator glasses, $9.36

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  1. I can't believe you won $200 to ASOS. So awesome!! Great pick with that baseball tee...I just might have to put that in my shopping cart :-)

  2. Amanda, now promise that you'll write your next post in a week, not in a month!! of course I'm joking!
    But I really like to read your blog!!!
    Have a nice Sunday!!!


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