Monday, August 26, 2013

testing the waters

 Norman (aka Normie)

Contessa (aka Boozie)

In a few weeks I will my first newborn to photograph!  While mass purchases and DIY's have been in order including: painting our 4th bedroom a light grey (originally apple green), DIY PVC stand (thank you hubby), large blankets for backdrops, large bean bag, sheer organza for the window, baskets, mongolian fur, crates, sheer baby wraps, newborn flower headbands and homemade crocheted blankets and hats (crocheted items made by my awesomely talented mother!), reading articles, stalking Pinterest and practice.

Staging and practicing my setup is always fun before a shoot....

I keep the bedroom door closed where the newborn props are to ward of the fur, but you know cats they hate doors being closed!  During both practice sessions, one at a time, a cat hopped up on the bean bag I was using to photograph.  How could I resist not photographing these sweet faces...  Their photo sessions lasted about 5 minutes a piece and then they got the boot.  No cat hair please.

You may remember me dressing Contessa up with a Ice Cream Cone Hat (minus the cone).

Sami's Shenanigans
still being molly


  1. wow great job. your cat is beautiful. i have a huge fluffy cat and he is like my child.

  2. Gorgeous photos!

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    Thanks x


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