Friday, September 27, 2013

a letter of gratitude

Today is day 19 of the Blogtember Challenge on Story of My Life!   Today's blog prompt ask to write, an anonymous letter to your Facebook friends.



This isn't an anonymous letter to a facebook friend, but a letter to those who have had faith and hope in me as I've started this new adventure.  Amanda English | Photography

Trying to get Amanda English | Photography off the ground and running wasn't easy, nor did I expect it to be.  One of the hardest things was not only asking my friends and family to let me photograph them, but getting them to actually say yes.  I understand where they were coming from, they had never seen my work.  But, none the less, some of them did give me a chance.  Some of them hands down, jumped at the opportunity, others I had to do a little conning.  But those who have let me photograph them so far, I appreciate the faith that you have put into me and my work.  more than you know.  Without you, I wouldn't be able to continue to grow and learn and build a clientele.  So thank you to those who have (and will in the near future) give me a chance!  

I also want to thank Megan Kime | Photography (amazing wedding photography) for taking me under your wing and letting me ask questions for things I couldn't learn from reading and critiquing my proofs and providing guidance.  

I give all of the credit of my work to God.  He is the one who has gifted my hands and mind with different talents.  I owe it all to Him, along with the support of my husband, my parents and my friends.  I will continue to learn and grow from experience and mistakes over the coming years, decades or as long I as I continue to go down this career path.

Thank you.



  1. Those pictures are so cute! I am completly amazed!
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Beautiful photos :) Lovely letter too, it's good your friends and family are so supportive :)

    Away From The Blue

  3. Awesome to have so much support! Your photos are beautiful!

  4. Amanda!!!These photos are fantastic!!!!!
    I love them, and I really think you did a great job!
    I'm happy your family gave you all this support!
    Have a good Monday!!


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