Monday, September 30, 2013

something old, something i cherish, something i will pass down to another generation

Today is day 19 of the Blogtember Challenge on Story of My Life!   Today's blog prompt ask to write, share a photo of something old. Maybe something that has personal history for you, that was passed down to you, and that has special meaning to you. Tell us about it and why it's special.



When I was nearly finished with my post for today, I accidentally deleted it.  seriously?  happy monday to me!  Also, today is the last day of blogtember!  bittersweet i might say.

Today cameras are easily accessible, but what about 200 years ago?  It was most likely a special occasion when one had a photograph made, especially if you didn't have the money.  I cherish these old portraits along with the stories that go along with them.  One thing I regret today, is not taking one last portrait with my grandparents before they were gone.  I am still very thankful to have some wonderful photographs of them in my possession.  One day I am going to be able to tell our children stories and show them photographs of their great grandparents and great, great, great, great grandparents!

on another note...

Have you ever heard someone say, I want to lose 10 pounds, I want my hair to be longer, I want this and that before I get portrait made.  What if tomorrow isn't here?  What if you don't get that chance?  During a photography class, the teacher said, "There is no 'perfect' time to have a portrait created. You will never regret having a family portrait done, but someday you may regret not having one..."  How true is that!

One thing I pondered when starting my photography business, was knowing that a lot of people want the entire CD of portraits.  What do we do with the CD?  Do you print them?  Do you take the time to make a photo album?  or do we just let dust grow on the CD?  or maybe we use the internet world and show some of our family and friends on social media, but what about hanging in your home?  I think it's so important to have portraits made, but also printing them.  That's why I not only offer the CD, but I also provide a print with my sessions.  I want everyone to hang it up in their house and have something tangible to hold onto.  Something to cherish forever.  My photography site: Amanda English | Photography

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  1. I absolutely love old photos. Just so simple and sweet in my eyes.

  2. LOVE these photos!!!!! And your photog teacher is SO right!

  3. That is completely true about putting off portraits! I think of them as a progression, not a perfection or end point. Takes the pressure off. ;-)

  4. very beautiful photos! love the feeling they transmit! Have a great week!

    LA By Diana


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