Monday, October 07, 2013

a dream house and a hat thief

hat: stolen from the husbands side of the closet (AF), tee: ASOS, pants: ASOS, shoes: Converse (love the dainty's!)

Do you see the house behind me?  Can I move in tomorrow?  That house is right down the road from us and across the street is another amazing house.  The other house looks like a stone castle with several horses, a turret and ivy trailing up the front of it.  Of course most things in life remind me of a FRIENDS episode.  i still love FRIENDS what can i say?  You know the FRIENDS episode 6:14: "The One Where Chandler Can't Cry".  The scene is where Rachel is ranting to Chandler and Monica about Jill (her sister, guest star - Reese Witherspoon) trying to date Ross (Rachel's ex-boyfriend).

Rachel: I am jealous of her? I mean who does she think she is? Princess Caroline?
Monica: You're jealous of Princess Caroline?
Rachel: Do I have my own castle?

I frequently make the same comment to Joe, 'Do I have my own castle?'.  I mean really....  What girl doesn't want a castle.

On another note...

I told Joe that would like to get a baseball cap.  So I asked if I could borrow his hat with the A on it, because well my name is Amanda so it seemed suiting.  He mentioned that it was a 'dirty' baseball cap dating back from high school that probably had never been washed, but I was more than welcome to borrow it.  So thanks to our handy dandy baseball cap washing cage I threw it in the dishwasher, yes the dishwasher, for a good ole cleaning with lots of dish-washing detergent.  Once the hat was nice and clean, it was soaking wet.  I wanted to wear it the next day and there was no way this was going to be dry in time.  Joe saw my concern and mentioned using the dryer rack that's meant for drying shoes without them banging around in the dryer.  So that's what that rack is for, shoes? OR apparently for a hat if you don't want it thrown around the dryer.  i felt like a silly little wife, especially for a wife that does a lot of laundry!  #housewifefail  It took me a minuted to figure out how to get the drying rack in there, but once I did the hat was dry in no time!  It's as clean as new, but definitely does not look new.  just aged a little.  

PS - husband, I think your hat was just stolen.  It's mine now.  thanks a pant load.  your thief of a wife.

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  1. Uhm. Now I need to go research this rack thing. I've never heard of it!

  2. Names that start with A are the best! ;-) Friends is the best show EVER!!!

  3. Another name with "A" here! Holla! haha Loving this look, casual and cute!

  4. I love Friends too!!!
    I know by heart a lot of episodes!! :)
    I like your casual look, the hat fits perfectly!

  5. Those pants look SO comfortable. I have to get myself some!

    Found you through the Style Elixir link-up!
    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  6. I love looking at pretty castle-like houses around here. There's some that look like they'd be perfect as dollhouses! (And great job saving that cap! it's cute on you!)

  7. You look adorable! So comfy and casual! I love Friends, too, girl, and looove that you say "Do I have my own castle?!" too funny.


  8. The hat looks very cute on you, definitely worth the thievery! And that house in the background is absolutely dreamy!

  9. I want my own castle too!! Although your dreamhouse looks pretty amazing... would not mind living there either!

  10. Love that pant and hat, looks cute.



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