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Tuesday, October 8

a first for everything. apple picking.


It may be the end of apple picking season for us here in central North Carolina, but that didn't stop us from going this past weekend.  All fruit season we said, yes we'll go strawberry picking, yes we'll go blueberry picking, yes we'll go peach picking, but none of those trips never came about.  But this time, the last chance for this year's fruit season, we finally made it happen!  We went to the apple orchard.  Because it is Fall and that's just what you do, you finish off the fruit season with apple picking.  Is there anything more delicious than an apple picked right off the tree?  We traveled about an hour outside of Raleigh just for apple picking.  Some would think we are crazy when we could have gone to the farmer's market down the road where they have apples already picked for us, or dare I say we make the mile and a half drive to our nearest grocery store where the variety of available apples is endless.  Instead we woke up early, well not really early for us, hopped in the car and arrived at the orchard just as it was opening (9am) in an effort to beat the crowd.  This was the first day the Pink Lady Apples were ready to be picked, and since this was the last picking of they year, we wanted to make sure we got there early so we could be guaranteed a full basket.  those ladies are mine.

AND for next year, those little strawberries, blueberries, peaches and apples will be picked by my own little fingers next year.  no lying there, i hope not at least..


  1. love picking my own fruit. cute pics chica!

  2. Okay so the first photo I thought was a very well dressed little girl. That is one TALL fence! It messed with me. Love the photos! And I once drove an hour and a half to pick strawberries. Some people just don't get us. But we're the ones makin memories and all.

  3. How much fun, I want to do this so badly, but I just don't have the time! :(

  4. looks like you had fun! amazing photos!
    LA By Diana

  5. I think eating apples that you've picked, is priceless!!
    No matter if you can go to the grocery and have all the variety, picking all the apples, is wonderful!!

    P.S. Those photos are great!!
    Have a great Friday!!

  6. Cute pictures! I'm sharing mine Monday :o)

  7. Your hair looks pretty up in the bun! I am used to seeing it down

  8. Guess what! I also went fruit picking! actually, it was more vegetable picking really, picking and eating at the same time ;-) Gorgeous photos.


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