Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Sweater: Sophie Trey, Jacket: Heylee B.

In high school and college I had short hair.  platinum pixie short hair One morning during college I was out getting breakfast and an older man who worked at the bagel shop tapped me on the shoulder from behind to ask for my trey.  However, his words were, 'excuse me young man, I'll take that'.  Once I turned around you could see he was shocked and embarrassed that I was a young girl.  not what a girl wants.  The ease of short hair was great!  However, I didn't feel girly and being mistaken for a boy was not exactly what a young girl wants.  i'm pretty sure i didn't look like a boy at all, just an older mans mistake, but still...  It took several years for my hair to grow long again.  I would have nightmares (literally) days before getting my centimeter hair trims fearing that the hair stylist would cut all of my hair off again.  So now when I go to the salon: washing, cutting, blow drying and flat ironing I'm there for nearly 2 hours.  My hair always looks great after, always a little shorter than I care for though...  I don't think my hair stylist knows what centimeter trims are, it usually ends up being a few inches.  good thing hair grows.

Last week I inquired of my hairstyles of Oribe Dry Texturing Spray (dry shampoo + hair spray) and he said it was a great product, but with a high price tag ($39).  He told me about a few product lines that just came out that were similar and sent me home with two to try: Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish ($29) and Kerastase Powder Bluff ($36).  Which come to find out they aren't that much cheaper than the Oribe.  I just don't have a sample of Oribe to try yet.  These products are not just a dry shampoo, but also hairspray to get that extra volume on days 2 and 3 of 'dirty' hair days.  So I figured I'd give them a try and put down the baby powder (and sometimes cocoa + corn starch mix) and try something new.  I'll keep you posted on my thoughts once I've tried them out a few times.

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  1. I had a platinum pixie cut in HS as well!!!!!

  2. It'll be interesting to see what you think ... I haven't used a dry shampoo in a long, long time ... it's been so long, as a matter of fact, that I don't even remember what I used. I just remember that the brand that I used left a "perfumy powdery" smell in my hair that I didn't care for and then just chalked it up to the way most dry shampoos smell, so it will be interesting to see what you discover! Thanks for stopping by last week, sweets, have a wonderful remainder of the week!

  3. I've always wanted to try a pixie, but the shortest I've ever had the guts to go is shoulder length. Eek. Maybe someday. Fabulous as always, love. :) xo


  4. I had short hair ten years ago, damn "Sliding doors!", Gwyneth was wonderful with that haircut, but I didn't look like her!
    That's why I'm always a little frightened when I meet my hairdresser....

  5. I've always wanted a short pixie cut.. I bet it looked really great on you! Your hair is gorgeous now though! Thanks for the tips - Bumble & Bumble tonic is my favorite product ever!
    Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com


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