Wednesday, October 23, 2013

how to save a life


His foster Mom told me that they named him Norman because he was like an old cranky man as a kitten.  He still is.  Can you tell?  Just look at that stink face in the last image.

I sometimes wonder what would have happened to Norman if someone else would have adopted him.  When we first brought him home he was shy and timid, he hid under the bed the first night.  As a kitten he was sweet for the most part, but something turned inside of him not too long after we got him.  He became a not so nice kitty.  Some would call him the spawn of Satan.  Over the last 3 years we've worked on picking him up and trying to teach him that we just want to love him and not to hurt him.  Even when he's mean we just brush it off because what else can you do?  He's a cat.

Most of our friends are afraid of him.  He's not an attack cat, but he's not friendly to strangers either.

But just look at him.  He's a beautiful cat and over the last several years of unconditional love and patience he can be the sweetest cat when he wants to be.  He still has his moments of being a sour patch kid (sweet and sour, you know the commercials), but he's worth it.  The scratches, scars and all.  It is who he is.  He's our Normie cat.

Those ASPCA commercials get me every year.  It breaks my heart to see animals in cages never feeling loved and only neglect and abuse.  If you have love to give an animal adopt a cat or dog from your local adoption agency or humane society.  There are so many animals that need a home that are capable of care and lots of love.  If you can't afford to own an animal (because yes the vet bills can be expensive), you can always consider donating money to your local adoption agency.


  1. Love this post. I adopted my animal and always always tell people to do the same. Makes me mad to hear when people do not. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this post, i didn't adopted my cats, i actually found one of them in the garbage and the other in a abandoned building when he started to meow me every time i passed by it. They are the sweetest cats in the world,i couldn't ask for more.

  3. I would bet money he would like me. Because I'm allergic to cats and really don't pay them any attention they seem drawn to me. I have friends with cats that are the same way. 5 minutes in their house and the cats are walking between my legs. It's almost like the cats know that I'm not concerned with them and won't bother I'm safe.

  4. Love this post. My mom and I have adopted three cats and they are the world to us. Couldn't live without them!

  5. Your Norman is such a wonderful cat!
    You're so right about adopting animals! :)


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