Thursday, October 24, 2013

onto saving another life


Since I told Norman's story, I thought that I should tell Contessa's story as well.  Can you tell she doesn't like looking into the camera?  It's like she knows you are trying to capture part of her soul.

When we first started the cat search we looked up our local adoption agency.  Joe saw Norman's picture and knew that was the one he wanted.  We told the adoption agency that we were interested in Norman (without even seeing him in person) and she mentioned to us that two kittens are better than one.  She also mentioned that they would get into less trouble. ha.  So of course I was happy to get a pair of kittens for companionship, however Joe was a little skeptical...  So then we were on the search for a second kitten.  We found out that Norman had an identical brother named Oliver.  We had asked if he was still available and the foster mom was devastated as a family had come the day prior to adopt him.  She wanted them to stay together.  So the search continued.  We headed to PetsMart as the adoption agency was going to have a few kittens there for us to visit.  We saw sweet tiny Contessa all tucked in sleeping in the litter box.  We asked if we could see her and they took us to the back room.  I knew she was the other half, she was perfect.

Contessa is the sweetest cat I have ever had.  She loves to be pet and to cuddle.  my kind of cat.  In colder months she will jump on my footstool and wait for me to spread a blanket out on my lap before she nestles herself in for an early evening snooze before bed.  She also has a little fleece blanket that I lay on the bed for her and she sleeps curled up by my side almost every night.  can you say spoiled?

The pair of these cats are something else.  Having two doesn't mean less trouble, that's for sure...  But they do in fact entertain and love each other.  well most of the time.  you know brotherly, sisterly spats happen.  we wouldn't have it any other way.

If you have love to give an animal adopt a cat or dog from your local adoption agency or humane society.  There are so many animals that need a home that is capable of care and lots of love.  If you can't afford to own an animal (because yes the vet bills can be expensive), you can always consider donating money to your local adoption agency.


  1. I have adopted my sweet kitty Koli from a team of vet students who gathered to save abandoned cats and kitties. One of the best thing I've ever done! She's a perfect cat. She was found in a vent pit and when I found out her story and saw her sad eyes, I was bought immidiately!

  2. Oh how I love this! My eyes have been opened so much to adopting animals thanks to blogging! I had no idea (yes, I'm naive) that there could be so many animals who needed a happy, loving home! If we ever get a pet, I will definitely be adopting! So thank you for sharing your stories!! xoxo

  3. My heart, she's the cutest!, the picture of her in the window is my favorite! Thanks for sharing her story too.

  4. The third shot is my favorite. The two boys who live in my backyard found us, and it seems the rest of our cats over time have always seemed to do the same. Maybe they know where they can find a soft place to sleep and some food, instinctively.

  5. Oh!Contessa is even my kind of cat!
    They give so much to us, asking almost nothing..
    Have a great Sunday, Amanda!


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