Tuesday, October 22, 2013

taking stock

And a page out of Pip's blog {I loved this!}

Making: a no sew wrap in tartan {tutorial}
Cooking: apple butter and an apple crisp {well really that's baking.  the husband is the cook}
Drinking: starbucks pumpkin spice latte
Reading: harry potter and the goblet of fire {for the first time. shocker}
Wanting: to take a hot bubble bath, light some candles and read
Looking: forward to both families visiting in november
Playing: ommwriter {app}
Wasting: time playing on the internet {bad habit. please stop me}
Sewing: nothing
Wishing: for a lot of snow this year
Enjoying: the quiet weekends i have been able to share with my husband
Waiting: to take another long vacation
Liking: making new friends at bible study
Wondering: if i'm going to be on santa's naughty or nice list this year
Loving: the fall weather that has surprised us so early this year.  how could one not
Hoping: to continue to grow in my faith
Marveling: over how fast time flies
Needing: to spend a lot more time outside playing
Smelling: pumpkin candles burning
Wearing: a favorite tee. comfort is everything
Following: the windy roads to a new place
Noticing: the fall leaves starting to change as the nights grow longer and the daylight diminishes
Knowing: i need to change some of my ways {shopping is one. i even admitted it. that's the first step right}
Thinking: i should do some work
Bookmarking: what i want for christmas
Opening: a can of rootbeer to quench my taste buds
Giggling: over contessa {our cat} loving on everypair of shoes i own {she's a shoehugger}
Feeling: tired


  1. oh i am totally taking this too :) great list!

  2. Wait, you haven't read all the HP books???

  3. Good Morning Amanda!!
    Love your post, as always haha!
    Just wanted to mention...
    I started a project, similar to PostSecret, and I'm looking for some help from all my blogger friends :)
    The project is called "Heartbeats in the Streets" and its to raise awareness for heart disease.
    I was inspired by another blogger that had heart disease and unfortunately passed at the young age of 29 earlier this year. So I decided to finish her project for her by getting 10,000 photos of people holding a small heart labelled with where they would "leave theirs" either with a person, or maybe a favorite place or something close to them. I would love it if you took a photo and sent it in :) Or if you wanted to let people know via your blog I would love you forever!

    The blog is on heartbeatsinthestreets.blogspot.ca/ or on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/heartbeatsinthestreet

    Anything you do will help :)

    Xox Jessica

  4. Going to have to steal this from you :) Love that first picture. And so nice that Joe is the cook! Kev can't cook to save his life ha

  5. Amanda!I like this!!
    I'm going to copy it because it's funny! I like your needing!!


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