Wednesday, October 16, 2013

the land of blue smoke

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade right?  The main highway (441) that runs east to west through the Great Smokey Mountains was the only road still open after the government shutdown.  The 35 mile long scenic road crosses from Gatlinburg Tennessee into Cherokee North Carolina.  Every parking area that lead to a hiking trail was blocked off with road cones or closed access gates.  However, the National Park Services kindly left the main road and scenic overlooks open to the public.  thank goodness.

On the second day we drove the windy mountain road up and over into North Carolina.  We soaked in the late leaf autumnal changes from their summery green state to golden yellows, burnt oranges, scarlet reds to deep burgundy.  With the windows down on the cool, crisp morning, we let the fresh mountain air run free in our jeep and into our lungs.  we just soaked it all right up.

We parked at many of the overlooks to see the splendid beauty of those mountains.  The Cherokee Indians picked the perfect name for the Smoky's, "the land of blue smoke".


  1. That's so so beautiful!! How far is that from Nashville? We are going there tomorrow and it'd that's close by I would love to go check that out! Looks amazing!

  2. such a bummer but the views are amazing!!

  3. SO annoying that they closed all the parks too. My parents were out at the Grand Canyon when it shut down and their vacation plans were totally ruined. Even the walking trails and paths in our neighborhood (off the gw ) are closed. Im glad this mess is almost over and that yall still made the most of your trip. Beautiful pictures as always!

  4. Amanda these places are so wonderful!! Such a pity for that shutdown!! I'm so sorry for you!
    But that "Smoky's"? absolutely amazing!

  5. Lovely! I have pictures from some of those exact spots from when we were on our honeymoon. :) Looks like a wonderful trip.


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