Wednesday, November 13, 2013

cuddle bums.

(Contessa had been there for 3 hours and once I finally decided to attempt to snap a few pictures she could get her own portrait)

This autumn has been unseasonable cool in North Carolina and by no means am I complaining.  Every autumn when the temperatures begin to drop and the air conditioning is no longer required it's a 'fight' to turn the heat on.  Take 'fight' lightly, but the husband and I grew up in two totally different parts of the US.  This Florida girl does not have that thick West Virginia blood.  Florida girls can wear jeans all year long!  So when the temperatures begin to drop in the 60's, well it's kind of 'cold' to us.  That's when we pull out the sweatshirts and boots!  I've gotten use to it over the years of living in the 'north'.  I'm not in the north, but Florida is realllllllllllyyyyyy far south, so North Carolina is north to me.

So the real question is, how low does the temperature in the house have to drop below to turn the heat on?  I do understand that it's cold out and I don't need the heat so high that I am wearing shorts and a tee.  However, I don't think that I should have to wear pants, sweatshirt and curl up in a ball under my heat blanket and still feel cold.  That is just plain unacceptable!  Especially when the temperatures in the house reaches 64 degrees.  The heat needs to go on!

You also know it's cold in the house when your own animals curl up together and snuggle under a blanket for hours on end.  I mean they have fur for pete sake!


  1. Jason and I have the same problem. We both like to wait as long as possible before initially turning on the heat, but the temperature it should be set on it a point of contention with us. Having a little guy that needs to be warm helped me win this year though. Helloooooo, warm house!

  2. Your kitties are beautiful :) They look almost like the one I have!

    I am holding out as long as possible for turning on the heat.Yesterday, it was 63 in our house and a BIT shivery. I cuddled under blankets with tea, though, and am trying to stay strong.. ha!

  3. Ah those pictures are so cute. Also. It's always hard to initially turn on the heat... We always put it off for as long as we can!

  4. If our house temp falls to 65 we turn the heat on. Mind you, we only keep our heat at 67--if it's PARTICULARLY cold we'll bump it to 68. I have to live in sweats and under blankets. But our poor pup doesn't have a lot of fur so 65 is too cold for her. I could be freezing to death and J wouldn't care. His poor puppy shivers once and it's on with the heat ;) Your cats are the most adorable ever!

  5. I'm with you in regards to getting cold easily- I'm from southern California, and I am an absolute baby when it comes to the cold! But I am also really cheap when it comes the the heating bill, so I tend to leave the heat off for as long as possible and just bundle up!
    That kitten pic is so cute!

  6. Amanda, your photos are great!so white!Love them!!!
    Luckly Stefano loves hot temperature, I hope there will be no problem for our future!
    Have a nice day!!

  7. Your kitties look so snuggly!
    I live in Australia and the heat goes on at my place when it gets around the 20 mark, that to me is cold! Hope this helps with your heating war haha.

    Jacqueline xx

  8. These kitty's are super cute! I miss my own kitty's!

  9. I would like to be snuggled up just. like. that.

  10. Great post! I love the cute pictures, now I want to go cuddle my cats :)



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