Monday, November 11, 2013

Hiiiiiiii... are you, are you high?

Our lovely Tub, LUSH: luxury bath melt: Ceridwen's Cauldron, LUSH: bubble bar: Ma Bar, LUSH: bath bomb: Butterball

You may recall over the spring we had done a major overhaul to our bathroom (post).  Now that the bathroom is ah-mazing I thoroughly enjoy taking baths more than ever.  Joe and I are just like Monica and Chandler on FRIENDS when it comes to baths...  You know the episode: The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath. (season 8, episode 13)  Scene: Monica and Chandler’s, Chandler is sitting on the couch watching TV as Monica comes out of the bathroom.

Monica: (airily) Hiiiiiiii...
Chandler: Are you, are you high?
Monica: I just had the most amazing bath.
Chandler: Really? I don’t like baths.
Monica: Wait, you like them with me.
Chandler: Honey, it’s not the bath I enjoy, it’s the wet, naked lady.
Monica: Oh, baths are so relaxing!
Chandler: Really? What do you do? You just sit in there stewing in your own filth.
Monica: How dirty do you think I am? I’m telling you, if you had some candles and some bubbles and some music, you would love it! It would take all of your stress away. 

To make my bath more relaxing I finally decided to make the trip to Raleigh and visit LUSH.  I had heard great things about their fresh handmade cosmetics.  My primary interest was their infamous bath cosmetics: luxury bath melts, bubble bars and bath bombs.  One of the lush reps kindly assisted me on my scent preferences then quickly led me to the luxurious bath melts. Smell this one, said the rep and my nose was in utter delight.  Don't get me wrong I had my fair share of no, not that one.  We all have our particular favorites.  I'm a simple girl I'd prefer my cocoa, vanilla, sugar and lavenders over roses and candy smells any day.  Well unless it's chocolate scented.  I walked out of the store with one luxury bath melt, bubble bar and bath bomb to give them a test.  

my selection: 
-Luxury bath melt, Ceridwen's Cauldron with oats, wild flowers and cocoa butter for a soothing blend for my winter dry skin. *I have tried this one and loved it.  My dry skin soaked the cocoa butter right up.  My skin is thanking my right now for quenching its thirst.
-Bubble bar, Ma Bar sweetened with honey and cocoa for delightfully smelling bubbles.  This one I have been able to break apart and use for several baths.
-Bath bomb, Butterball with aroma in the air with coca butter and vanilla scent.  I broke this one in half and used it with the Ma Bar.

I had already convinced Joe to take me back up to Raleigh this past weekend to pick up a few more melts.  I'm officially hooked.


  1. I remember that episode! I love it!
    You know, there's LUSH even here! Hahahaha!
    Have a nice day, Amanda!

  2. That sounds amaaaaazing! I need to try one of these asap!

  3. I have got to visit LUSH asap!

    xoxo and now following


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