Wednesday, November 06, 2013

trail running

A few weeks ago Joe and I were walking up to the trail head and saw a copperhead snake.  Not only did we see a copperhead snake, Joe almost stepped on it!  I was walking by his side and he shoved me really hard to get me out of harms way.  ahhhhhh! was my first reaction and then, what was that for?!?!?  SNAKE!  ohhhhh crap!

This past Saturday I went running on the trail alone.  A nice little 5 miler.  While the ground was perfect camouflage for a snake with all of the leaves, catching squirrels out of corner of my eye, leaves fluttering down and shadows all made me rather jumpy.  Let's just say I was slightly paranoid.  However, it was none the less an awesome run.  It was one of those days I could feel God's presence while I was out in the woods alone.  I probably was that creepy person with a smile on my face while running.  what's wrong with her?  

On Sunday I ran a 4 miler with the hubs. We were both jumpy and paranoid of the possible snake lurking under our feet.  Joe jumped at the weeds moving and then in turn would make me jump and say 'what was that?!!?'.  of course it was nothing.


  1. Is that your picture? If so I am soooo jealous. I live in Fl and there is NO season change. Just green to dead brown in winter.
    I would be jumping too. I don't mind snakes but I don't want to be bitten, especially by a copperhead. I hope you don't run into anymore!

  2. okay most beautiful picture. you are darling!

  3. I would be so scared as well!! Ahhhh!!! Snakes (even if they're not a copperhead) freak me out!

    It really is amazing how you can feel so inspired by being outside in a beautiful place. That's nature at it's finest!

  4. This trail is perfect, if i had somewhere to run like this it would get my butt up and out that door every morning. Hope you don't see any more snakes! xx

  5. Okay, I was just thinking how much I'd LOVE to do trail runs. But not anymore! Yuck! I hate snakes!


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