Tuesday, January 07, 2014

my where abouts

Photo Credit: Megan Kime Photography

Happy New Year! (7 days late) and Happy 31st Birthday to me! (4 days late)

Some of you have probably noticed my lack thereof of writing on this little ole blog of mine the last few months.  A few things have happened in the latter half of 2013 that have made writing a challenge for me.  For one, starting your own photography business takes up a lot of time!  This business earns me an income, where my blog does not.  So you can imagine why my time has been taken over by my photography business.  Which is exhausting, but also really exciting!

I have found it to be really hard to have the time and energy to focus on God, my marriage, my full-time job, and my part-time photography business.  So this little blog of mine has gone on the back-burner, along with exercising, primarily running...  sigh...  I apologize to those who enjoy reading my blog, but I assure you I am still here!  I still plan to blog and hopefully one day I will have one less thing to focus on and will be able to blog more frequently.  

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  1. I feel you girl. My blog took a big back seat the past few weeks as I adapted into mommy-hood.

  2. Amanda, if you need an assistant....here I am!!
    I'm your biggest supporter! :)

  3. Happy late birthday! Congrats on your new photography business! So exciting!

  4. Happy belated birthday! I just discovered your lovely blog. I completely understand how you feel - running has been put on the back burner for myself as well thanks to school and work.
    Best of luck with your photography business. :) Would you like to follow each other?

    x Paris
    a dose of pretty


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