Tuesday, March 18, 2014

it's a life lately type of post today...

As most of you know and visit this little ole space on the interweb of mine probably enjoy an array of the small piece of my life that I share.  Maybe you like seeing my style posts, adventure's like this one, real life or just everything.  Typically, my blog posts revolve around what is going on in my life and lately it's just been busy!  Even though it's been winter and photography hasn't been quite as busy...  and adventuring outside is minimal due to the very cold winter we've had, but we've rather stayed inside and worked on house projects.  I figured our home projects aren't all that exciting to post here, so I don't.  You would see more of those posts on instagram (@adoenglish) along with other random tid-bits.

I've also decided to keep my personal blog separate from my business Amanda English Photography.  If you want to follow my other blog you can find me here!  On a side note, this spring is going to keep me very busy and will consume my weekends which is awesome for my business!  However, it can be tough to find free time with a full-time weekday job, and a part-time photography job on the weekends.  None the less, I truly enjoy photography, so I will keep working at what I love to do.

Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. So glad your spring will be busy with photography! Cant wait to see all your fun projects!

  2. I like every kind of post you write!
    And I'm sooo happy that you are busy with photography!


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