Wednesday, March 12, 2014

spring inspiration

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This Winter has felt extremely long...  I'm not even sure that we had an Autumn?  I think we went straight from Summer to Winter and it still feels like Winter with the exception of the last two days with high's in the 70's-80.  However, tomorrow will be back to cold, rainy and dreary.  The month of January and February felt like we had a Winter advisory almost every other week.  Very strange for North Carolina.  I'm starting to get a severe case of Spring fever.  I miss adventures outdoors like hiking, evening walks and runs, visiting the colorful gardens, green leaves on the trees, sitting outside on our patio watching the birds sing and bunnies hop around in our backyard, the smell of fresh cut grass and that warmth on your skin that just gives you that glowing feeling.  I miss it all.  I just hope that Spring doesn't bypass us like the Autumn did and go straight to Summer!

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  1. I understand you Amanda!!
    I spring is so sweet! Nature wakes up, and the flowers are everywhere!
    Hope you have a run in these days!


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