Monday, April 21, 2014

Taking Stock: Part 2

Making: room in our closets and drawers for spring clothing.  goodbye sweaters.
Cooking: (baking) fresh strawberry cobbler.
Drinking: coffee with caramel macciato creamer, nothing unusual there it's the morning.
Reading: million little ways by Emily Freeman, thank you Anna for suggesting this wonderful inspiring book!
Wanting: to have more time to play during the day.
Looking: forward to a summer vacation to who knows where.
Wasting: time staring at a computer day-in and day-out.
Sewing: nothing, but always sending patterns to my oh so talented mother.
Wishing: weekends were forever.
Enjoying: this beautiful Spring weather we have been having.
Waiting: patiently (sort of) for answers.
Liking: (really I am loving) my new computer!  I've been editing on a laptop and now I have an iMac!  What a difference that makes for editing.
Wondering: what the next year will bring us.
Loving: my husband more each and every day.
Hoping: that my prayers are answered soon.
Marveling: at how quickly time goes.  I'm starting to realize how time will pass you by if you don't stop and take moments in.  Maybe that is why I love photography so much.  It captures that moment in time that you can never get back.
Needing: nothing, but always wanting stuff.
Smelling: cinnamon sugared doughnut candle from bath and body works.  yum.
Wearing: comfy sweats and a favorite tee.
Following: (pursuing) my dream.
Noticing: the flowers bloomed in our backyard overnight.  At least it seemed that way.
Knowing: that God knows my heart.
Thinking: about our future and where we are going.  Only the Lord knows.  (:
Feeling: thankful for those who give me a chance.  For those who believe in me.
Bookmarking: desk chairs.  boring right?
Opening: nothing right now, trying to stay away from shopping.  it's like detox.  However, I have been look at some summer pants, so who knows there may be a package on it's way soon.
Giggling: strange word that I can't say I giggle often.  seems childish.  maybe it means I need to be more childlike.  ;)
Feeling: okay.

A few months ago, okay maybe it was last year in October I borrowed this post from Pip's blog.  So today I decided that I'd like to make a part 2 and who knows there could be a few more to come in the future.


  1. I love lists like this. So fun and personal. Your outfit here is fabulous!!! So casual yet so chic! And these photos are beautiful!

  2. I love these posts. That future and the pursuit of your dreams will definitely make sense this year- I can feel it! :)

  3. Hi Amanda!
    I really like this "list"!!
    I'm so happy you have your iMac, so now you will work on your photos in a easier way!
    I keep my finger crossed for because I really would like that your prayers are answered soon.
    Thank you for everything!


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