Friday, May 30, 2014

markets and baskets and plants. oh my.

Okay, I know what you all are thinking.  Do you do anything else other than go to the farmer's market?  This time of year we go to the market almost weekly.  More and more fruits and vegetables are coming into season and we are lucky to have so many amazing local farmer's to provide us our daily dose of goodness.  On our list this past weekend was a huge basket of strawberries as the season is almost over.  sigh...  This was also the first week of blueberries.  We made homemade strawberry ice cream, berry cobbler and of course the remaining fresh fruit was for breakfast for the week.  We also picked up fresh tomatoes, garlic, rosemary (plant) to make homemade pizza, two big beautiful blueberry bushes and a cute little succulent.  

I have a green thumb.  We have many outdoor plants, but none indoors.  Long story short, I thought I poisoned Norman on the third day of getting him.  So we got rid of every plant we had with the exception of a few violets.  Thankfully he was just fine.  This little succulent was placed in our kitchen window, with a small decorative bird cage around it.  Thankfully I already had this bird cage.  Now the cats cannot get to it.  I am going to need a few more bird cages to fill my window ledge.  My father had the idea of putting the cats in the cage.  That way they can't get into anything.  That's definitely an idea.  grin.


  1. I'm more amazed how you get pictures at the farmer's market that don't have a million people in the background. Impressive!

  2. Hi my dear Amanda!
    I love your photos more and more!!!
    I have green thumb too!
    I love when a plant grow thanks to my help, and because I care about them!

  3. What kind of mascara do you use? Why don't I look like you all dressed down and gorgeous? *sigh*

  4. Love the farmer's market!!


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