Tuesday, May 06, 2014

the market, one of my favorite spots to visit

I am fortunate enough to 'work from home' on Friday's, while Joe works from home every other Friday.  Friday's usually consist of me cleaning the house, a few loads of laundry and cat duties.  This Friday I had to drop of a client order, run an errand and then prepare for a pointless conference call that lasted 5 minutes.  Once I returned home Joe had all of the household chores done.  The house was clean, 4 loads of laundry were folded and put away along the making up of a guest bed from an awesome surprise of a last minute guest and prepare for my parents arrival come Mother's Day.

Since everything was all squared away we decided to head to the farmer's market for lunch, pick up some delicious fruits and veggies and peruse the herbs and fruit bearing plants.  It's really strawberry palooza with some year round hard vegetables that aren't that interesting in my book.  I can't wait until more fruits and veggies start to come out! This year we plan to build a moderate sized raised garden bed for fruit, vegetable and herbs.  This has been on our to do list for the last several years, but other big projects always seem to delay this one.  So this is the year!  Ideas were floating back and forth and the beginning of excavation (moving plants) started this past weekend.  Woo hoo!  It's probably too late to seed this year, but we will be able to plant a few things that have already been started growing.


  1. Amanda you look so good, and these photos are great!
    I love all these colors!! I feel good looking at them!
    Thumbs up for vegetable garden!!!
    I have raspberries, basil, and for some years I had tomatoes, but it's better if they grow in the ground!

  2. Good luck with your garden! Given that my mom is a sort of farmer, oyu would think that I would be all about it, but I actually can't stand it- but I do love reaping the benefits!


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