Monday, May 19, 2014

this wonderful weather required a backyard picnic

This weekend we had ah-mazing spring temperatures and knew our weekend was going to consist of a lot of outdoor time.  so that is what we did.  We spent time with friends, ran a nice 6 miler, took walks, shopped, yard work, grilled and vegged.  Sunday afternoon we decided to have a lazy day.  The clouds were making the sun hazy, the breeze was enough to pull out light sweaters and hoodies and as we sat outside in the grass we enjoyed the sounds of our very own backyard.  The water fountain bubbling, the doves fluttering over us, the many other birds flying in and out to eat the seeds in the feeders and my favorite sound, Henry (the owl somewhere in the woods near us) letting us know that dusk was nearby.  We of course talked about our future in this house, pondering the idea of little ones and somehow work always gets brought up.  We also talked about what type of pizza to make on the grill that night with our new recipe book from Sur La Table with our brand new pizza spatula (thank you missy), our plans for the upcoming long weekend including homemade ice cream (maybe strawberry), an adventure to the farmers market, planting a glorious blue berry bush or two, picking up a few other plants and building our vegetable and fruit garden bed.  We also talked about grey hairs on our head and finally after almost 6 years that I should probably hang some wall art.  Sounds like I will have a few more projects to work on this weekend.

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  1. I LOVE this kind of afternoons!
    Everything is so wonderful, and plans are the best things to do!
    I love these photos Amanda!
    You 2 look great! :)


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