Tuesday, June 03, 2014

it's june, if you didn't already know that

Joe vetoed the stendig calendar purchase last year, but I overrode that one.  Now, but now... he likes it.  Well really he only likes the white months, where I prefer the black months.  I guess that is a 50/50 trade I'd say for the year.  

We have rituals in our household.  I think this is both one of our favorites.  the changing of the calendar.  It's quite a process you see.  I have to hop on the couch cushion, step on the arm and then the back of the couch to say goodbye to the previous month.  mom would have never let this happen growing up.  In the meantime Joe proceeds to take 1000 pictures from my cell phone, which I can only presume he is waiting to capture me falling off the couch or something of that nature.  Okay it may not be 1000, but it's usually quite a few to weed through and thankfully I haven't fallen off the couch yet.  yet is the key word.  Once I hop down and I then gently roll up the paper and place it in my gift wrap bin for a later date.  No sense in wasting good heavy paper right?

Don't worry Joe, that 2015 calendar, one already has our name on it.  we've been wait-listed.


  1. That is awesome. I want one!

  2. Amazing!



  3. Hi Amanda!
    I really like these photos, and this ritual!
    I have the same, because I love changing the calendar, it's like "well, bye bye last month, welcome new month!"
    Have a nice Friday, dear Amanda!

  4. Love the stendig calendar! It's sweet that you've turned changing the month into a little ritual. :)


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