Thursday, August 07, 2014

as the calendar rolls back...

stendig calendar - eloquent english

cat - eloquent english

that means it's August... it also means that is a new month...

August hasn't started out on the best foot for our household.  Last week I had a chemical reaction to a prescription skincare product that I hadn't used in over a month and Joe we think got into either poison ivy, sumac or oak while playing disc golf.  So apparently skin afflictions are our thing this month.

Over the weekend we had some cooler, rainy weather which appears to be the norm as this week appears much the same.  Most of the time I would welcome this type of weather, but it did put a damper on some things we had going on.  oh well, first world problems, right?  Then to add to it the husband isn't a fan of having downtime, none the less being locked in a house due to the monsoon weather.  I'm sure watching all 8 Harry Potter movies didn't help the situation either.  not a fan of hp.  poop on him.  So hopefully this weekend, we will both embrace the cooler rainy weather.  I know the cats love it, it just means mommy and daddy get to stay home with those little flea bags.  i do heart them.

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  1. So....happy weekend to you!!!
    You could cook a recipe, take photo of it and put it on blog! :)
    And...what about your skin? Is everything ok now?


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