Monday, September 15, 2014

maine part I - a long day's journey into night

We apparently both have a love for Maine.  If you recall we visited Portland Maine in the fall of 2012.  This year we decided to travel a few hours north of Portland to Mount Desert Island, including Bar Harbour and Acadia National Park.

We left home at 6am to fly out of Raleigh, had a two hour layover in DC and landed in Portland around 1:30pm.  When we arrived it was a beautiful sunny 75 degree day.  Our first stop was Freeport to stretch our legs and shop at L.L. bean and the outlets.  When we parked the car and got out, Joe pushed the lock button and the horn sounded like the road runner.  meep!  We both looked at each other and laughed.  i think this was Joe's favorite part of the trip.  apparently i just need to rent a car with a pathetic horn to entertain him.

We continued our journey north and made another pit-stop at Reds Eats in Wascasset which is famous for their lobster roll.  As expected the line was rather long and then we realized we had been to this area before.  We did not eat here at Reds, but right across the way Joe had eaten his 2.7lb lobster.  As we waited in line I decided to walk around a little to take a few pictures.  Nearly 40 minutes later we finally made it to the front to place our order.  It did seem like an eternity with the sun beating down on us, but none the less we did finally eat that magnificent Reds Eats lobster roll.  it was delish.

Our next stop was our final destination to rest our heads, 3 hours north to Bar Harbour...  Our day ended with a shower, hot tea and bed by 8:45pm.  we are party animals.

As a side note, we also decided to rent a 14-24mm lens as I knew I'd be photographing mainly scenic views and all I have is portrait lenses.  However, after the trip and uploading the photos quite a few were out of focus.  Note to self or anyone considering renting a lense, have the lense calibrated at the rental store for your camera and take test shots / review in your editing software...  

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  1. What a wonderful place!It's so relaxing! :)
    Mr and I are party animals too... :) in Crete we always went to bed very early, and in the morning we woke up feeling soooo good!

    Thanks for the note, it's a huge pity...


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