Thursday, September 18, 2014

maine part III - fail, fail, fail

Before we did anything that morning we knew we wanted to watch the sunrise off of our balcony.  After breakfast we headed to Acadia for a day of hiking.  First stop was Precipice trail which we only made it half way up.  As we all know I'm not a huge fan of heights or at least places without railings and could possibly tumble to my death.  So downward we went....  fail #1

Next stop was the Thunder Hole where no thundering was heard even at prime high tide.  fail #2  So we headed up on the sand trail to visit the sand beach. Here is where we took our lunch break and had a cute little squirrel visitor.

Afterwards we headed to the Jordan Lake House, but was unable to find parking.  So we decided to call it a day at Acadia and head back to the Inn.  fail #3  I guess it was just one of those mornings where things didn't play out as we intended.

So for the afternoon we walked the shore path and did a little more shopping in the town of Bar Harbour.  Dinner was planned near the Bass Harbor Head Light, as we pulled up to Maine-ly Delights there was a sign that said CLOSED FOR SEASON. Ahhhhh! fail #4  So we skipped dinner and went straight to the headlight to wait for the sun to set.  We climbed a few boulders and setup the tripod, bundled up not for the cold but to keep the mosquito's at bay.  my goodness!  As we took down the equipment, packed up and headed back to the inn we decided that the majority of our day was unsuccessful and decided room service was our best idea yet. But to no avail, room service was not an option.  fail #5  So we put our shoes back on and walked down the street to the Irish pub for takeout.  finally.

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  1. Wow! I'm sorry the day was less than stellar. But the photos are amazing! That area of maine does tend to close down in some respects after Labor Day. But wow. Bummer!


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