Monday, September 22, 2014

maine part V - cold, gloomy, blustery day

Gardens on the grounds of Bar Harbour Inn

Acadia Mountain (hike)

thank you iPhone 

thank you iPhone

Great Meadow

Thunder Hole

Monument Cove

Otter Point and Otter Cliff

We knew our last full day in Maine was possibly going to be shortened with the chances afternoon showers...  We slept in until 5:57am which was great and then headed out to the docks on that overcast morning to capture some of the dinghies and the fog that had rolled in.

We had an early start to Acadia in hopes to get as much in as possible before the rain arrived.  Our first stop was to hike Acadia Mountain (3 mile loop).  It was a very grey and windy day.  Every overlook was brief to photograph since we were hot hiking up, but then when we stopped we would get cold quickly due to the wind.

With the last few days of strenuous hiking we decided to do a little driving with stops at points of interest.  The first stop was the Great Meadow and ended up walking around a mile to get there.  It was very marshy, but beautiful and one of the first places we notice a bit of fall foliage.  Then back to thunder hole which had more splash than the previous visit, but still no thunder.  Next stop was Monument Cove as there were a bunch of seagulls and other birds sitting on the cliffs and finally to Otter Point and Otter Cliffs and walked another few miles.  On our walk back it started to drizzle, I tucked the camera under my shirt and a very brisk walk back to the car.  We got in the car just as it started to pour, perfect timing!

We hadn't eaten lunch yet and it was nearly 4pm and headed to the Fish House Grill for a very late lunch or early dinner.  Last minute shopping and off to bed.


  1. Amanda, but these are amazing places!
    I love them!with all that Nature!
    God did a great work! :)

  2. All stunning photographs. You really capture the place!

  3. STUNNING photos! Seriously-that is so gorgeous. I really want to go to Maine!


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