Tuesday, September 23, 2014

maine part VI - early wake up call

thank you iPhone

There is nothing better than getting a phone call at 4:38am from your security company that something triggered your home alarm to go off.... Thankfully when we returned their call, the police searched around the house and didn't find anything.  phew.  Our cat sitter went to go check on the cats later that morning and said that a kitchen window planter was in the sink.  We assume one of those flea bags knocked the planter over and triggered the alarm.  The words, "Norman looked guilty" was also included in the message from our cat sitter.  I wasn't surprised at all.  bad kitties!

So once again we were both up early, but that's okay since it's our last morning here and we needed to get ready to head out soon.  I opted out of bringing my camera that morning, but still had my trusty iPhone to take a few photos.  After breakfast it was time to hit the road, 3 hours south to Portland.  A few years ago when we were in Portland it was recommended that we go to Duckfat and when we arrived we ended up driving around in circles and couldn't find a parking spot so we never went in.  This year we made it to Duckfat. and it was delightful!  However, after lunch we both agreed that when we got home that we were going back to our healthier eating habits since we had eaten out a lot and wasn't always the healthiest options.  oh well, we were on vacation and did a ton of hiking so maybe they cancel each other out, right?

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  1. This looks beautiful! Maine is definitely on my bucket list :)


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