Monday, November 10, 2014

until we meet again

Our local farmer's market is open all year long, but we know that our personal season to visit is nearing an end.  We drove up to the farmer's market on Friday for one of our last hurrahs until next spring.  most likely.  We were both questioning what would still be in season besides apples and hardy vegetables.  We were right, that was about it.  Our goal was to come home with apples, apple cider and local raw honey.   success.

We were unable to go apple picking this year, but in some sense the farmer's market is a great backup.  For one, they have a bunch of varieties to choose from and they have samples to try before you buy.  With apple picking it's typically one variety you can pick straight from the branch, but it's also the experience that makes it so much fun.  There are things that I love about the autumn leading into the winter season, but the lack thereof of the fruit seasons does make me a bit sad.  So until next spring, we will meet again.

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  1. Amanda!
    You'll find oranges, pears, bananas, pineapples, tangerine...but yes, it's not like summer...I agree!
    Beautiful photos!


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