Monday, February 02, 2015


Well it's February... and it's still cold out...  Brand new information right?  Usually I love the winter months; snugly kitties, fires, blankets, comfy sweats, s'mores, hot tea, good books, a really hot bath, but right now I am missing outdoor photography.  I've known it was going to be a seasonal job in the warmer months and fall and I'm kinda okay with it.  I like having downtime...  It's good to rest, but this winter has been a little different.  I have so many administrative things to work on that I am missing out on the rest part.  Eventually I'll get to the bottom of it, but for now I will continue to let God refine me.  Joshua 1:7-9

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  1. I understand you Amanda!
    I miss light at 5 pm, and I hate that I can take photos (almost) only during the weekend!
    By the way, just a month and a half and it will be spring again!!!


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