Wednesday, March 11, 2015

taking that leap of faith

Eloquent English

Having had two jobs for several years, basically working seven days a week, taking care of a house and husband I finally realized that I am not superwoman.  although Joe still thinks I have super powers...  After a lot of prayer and several months of over analyzing the situation it was finally time to say goodbye after 7+ years as an Auditor at Duke University.  We decided it was time for me to step back, re-prioritize and devote my days to praying, reading, studying God's word, caring for my husband and home and my photography business.  Thank you to my family and friends for the countless hours of listening and giving me spiritual guidance along the way.  It is still scary to think about at times, but I am reminded in Isaiah 58:11, The Lord will guide you always”.  

Cheers to a new chapter in our lives starting in April! hip hip!

Senior Portrait Photographer | Amanda English Photography {Raleigh, Cary, Apex - North Carolina}


  1. Good for you! Hopefuly this helps simplify life a little

  2. Cheers!!!
    I'm sure everything will be alright and fine!!!


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