Tuesday, April 28, 2015

strawberry pickin'

Well... when the first day of strawberry picking happens to be on a Monday and you are the only car there at 8:30am... you realize that you might just have the entire strawberry field to yourself.  No complaints here, minus the marshy grounds due to all the rain we had over the weekend.  Good thing I wore my Hunters because they were quite muddy once I left.  I didn't pick as many strawberries as I would have liked since the strawberry season has just started.  However, it was nice to get out in the early morning to enjoy the quietness of this busyness I always find myself in.  Once I got home I ate about two strawberries and the rest went to make and can homemade strawberry jam.   A whopping 8 jars of it.  When the husband came home from work he didn't have one complaint about that strawberry jam as he loves popovers.  Thanks to that trip we took last Fall to Acadia Maine where we both fell in love with popovers, strawberry jam and blueberry tea.  Just looking at that post makes me want to go back OR just to plan another epic vacation!

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  1. Oh!!! strawberry picking!!!
    I like this season! and I like the photos too! :)
    Did you do popovers? do you share the receipe?


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