Friday, May 15, 2015

hello friday.

It's another beautiful cool, crisp Friday here and it's mid-May.  absolutely.  zero. complaints here.  This week has been filled with lots of errands, but am thankful that I have the time to do them now.  Such a relief!

Last Friday Joe was home and we decided we needed to do something fun.  So strawberry picking it was!  I was happy that I had help picking this time.  If you have ever been you know it's a lot of bending and weeding through to find the best ones.  Joe was determined to pick a big bucket full and I had no idea what I was going to make with all these strawberries.  Just two weeks prior I went picking alone and prepared and canned strawberry jam.  So this time we made strawberry cobbler, two loaves of strawberry bread, two bags frozen ready for future cobblers and then a few to eat for the week.  YUM.  Now that I have had my fix of strawberries this month I am eagerly anticipating the next fruit for the season.  blueberries.

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