Wednesday, May 27, 2015

it never gets old

I could go to the farmer's market every week and it would never get old.  The bright colors, fresh flowers, plants, fruits and veggies.  It's the best 'grocery store' everrrrrrrrrrrrr.  This past weekend my parents came up from Florida to visit.  So of course we had to stop by the farmer's market to pick up a few delish things for their stay.

Later that weekend my Mom and I were on the hunt for a terrarium and found quite a few nice ones, but purchased a geometric shaped one at World Market.  I use to have 15 live plants in the house until Norman and Contessa came along.  They would try to eat every plant that I had, so they were all sadly given to new homes.  So now I use bird cages and my new terrarium to keep the cats at bay.  This week I will be on the hunt for some nice colorful succulents to fill it.  I know just the place to go.

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