Wednesday, June 17, 2015

heat wave for daze

Shirt: UO, Jeans: Gap, Pendant: Arrow + Sage

I have been hiding in my house for 3+ days now.  heat waves.  You can't run or hide from them except by staying in your air conditioned house.  Earlier this week I ran at 7am to try and avoid some of this lovely summer heat and humidity and even running that early I was a hot mess afterwards.  The pool isn't even refreshing as it feels like bath water.  Your husband takes your car to work because it has air conditioning-so I don't even want to leave the house unless it's to walk to the end of the driveway to check the mail.  Even that short walk to the mailbox is miserable.  So what do you do...  You edit photos, read a book, start a puzzle, create art projects, maybe turn the television on and sit in your amazing air conditioned house.  grateful for a home with air conditioning.

For those of you during the winter season who said they wished it was summer.  I hope that you got everything you wished for, because it's here.  full-fledged summer.


  1. Full. Freaking. Fledged.

  2. It really is here! Good grief it's hot!!!

  3. We had this kind of hot...thanks God it rained and now it's hot but fresh! :)


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