Tuesday, September 01, 2015

meteorlogically speaking

According to meteorologist today marks' the first day of fall.  I never knew that meteorologist determined the seasons differently than astronomers.  For example meteorological fall starts September 1 and includes: September, October and November.  The astronomical fall doesn't begin until the autumnal equinox - September 23.   Sorry meteorologists, since you usually can't forecast the weather very well - I'm going to stick with the astronomers season - plus it's already printed in my wall calendar.  Anyways, that was just a random 'science' lesson.

Yesterday, I decided I'd better head to the farmer's market - for one it was a cool North Carolina summer day - high of a whopping 74 degrees at lunch, overcast and rainy.  But also, summer is nearing an end and that also mean so are some of the most delectable fruits God has give us.  peaches.  Although fall is by far my favorite season, I don't realize the things I love about summer until it's almost over.  the farmer's market - long list I know.  I better soak all that colorful, delicious, goodness in for the next month or so...

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