Wednesday, September 16, 2015

taking stock: part 3

tee: UO, mug: Arrow and Sage

Making: a few Christmas gifts and a piece of art for our wall.
Cooking: black bean burgers with chipolte mayo sauce (recipe).  The best veggie burgers ev-errrrrrrrrrrr.
Drinking: water and coffee.  Almost always water.
Reading: a few books.  The bible daily, but starting the study of the book of Revelation through Bible Study FellowshipHeaven by Randy Alcorn, and The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom.  I could be reading too many things at once...
Wanting: always something unnecessary.
Looking: forward to a vacation soon.
Wasting: time on
Sewing: nothing, but both of us are having jeans altered.  Is it weird to be excited about that?
Wishing: it would stay cool.  #fallforever
Enjoying: the cool crisp air this week.
Waiting: for the Lord's return.
Liking: Kristian's Stanfields song so even so come.
Wondering: what the next year is going to bring us.
Loving: being home.  When I had two jobs I always felt like my duties at home were such a chore.  Now I find such joy in taking care of my home and husband. (titus 2:5).
Hoping (praying): for those who have lost all hope.
Marveling: at God's grace and mercy.
Needing: nothing.
Smelling: fall, if that's such a thing.
Wearing: pajama's all day.  Every day.
Following: the cats around the house.
Noticing: the leaves starting to change.  I also notice that I feel different when the seasons change.  This time of year bring such joy to my heart.
Knowing: I am loved.
Thinking: more and more about my (our) purpose.
Bookmarking: ideas on Pinterest for holiday inspiration. 
Opening: a thredup box, but also doing a mass clean-out of my closet.  I have way to many clothes I do not wear anymore.
Giggling: at the cats chasing a fly around the house for days.
Feeling: grateful.

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  1. Hi my dear friend!!!
    I really like you in this photo!it's wondeful!
    Do you know that when I see yellow leaves on trees I always think of you? I know you love this period of the year!!!
    I wish you the best! :)


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