Tuesday, September 08, 2015

the butterfly incident

incident #1.  Joe and I were taking our usual evening walk and there was a butterfly on the sidewalk.  The bottom corner of it's wing looked as though something had gotten a hold of it.  So I bent down, put my finger in front of him and he crawled right on.  Carefully without touching his wings I put him on top of a bush for temporary safety.  I think he preferred my finger.  Of course this was the one time I didn't bring my cell phone with me to make a picture.

incident #2.  A few days later I was watching out the back window and saw a neighbor cat lying in the grass and saw him pounce right on a butterfly.  The butterfly would slip through his paws and he would leap right back on top of it.  As he did this several times, I laughed watching the cat play with the butterfly and then felt bad for the butterfly and realized Sylvester or another cat may have been the culprit in incident #1.

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