Thursday, October 15, 2015

a trip to the zoo

starting in Africa 

 yep - the only picture of me.  in an egg.

we went back to feed the giraffe's

then it was my turn...  :'(

here we hunted for as many colorful birds as we could find


into the America's  - it was like being at home in Florida

polar bears are def one of my fave's

no different than our cats at home


back to Africa - harry and the henderson's moment between me and this guy

Our trip for our anniversary (back in August), was postponed over and over and over again.  Bad rainy weather for a beach trip - postpone.  More bad rainy weather for almost 2 weeks - postpone.  Beach erosion made the roads impassable, so then we were going to go hiking for the day - 2 hour drive.  I woke up not feeling the 4 hours in the car for the day plus hiking, but after much discussion of what to do we came up with the zoo!  We've both always wanted to go and it's not that far from us.  So we packed lunches and shoved all of our gear in our hiking backpack (yes we were those people) and headed to the zoo.  To much surprise it was 3.5 miles long (one-way) and mostly shaded.  The weather, oh the weather.  I kept saying to Joe.  It's amazing out.  It's amazing out.  We just couldn't have asked for a better day to go, because it was just glorious.

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  1. I'm jealous. Last time we went, it was literally 97 degrees that day. Only thing more miserable than me was the polar bear.


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