Wednesday, December 02, 2015

hello december.

It's the last page.  The LAST page.  Until January.  

Well it's December folks.  That means a slightly disastrous house after Thanksgiving until all the Christmas decor is put out and then other stuff put away for a month.  A whole-soak it all in-month.  I LOVE Christmas.  LOVE IT. I just wish that the decorations were out a little longer than one short month.  Especially for all that effort.  This year Joe said he wanted it to look like Christmas vomited in the house.  such a lovely word by the way.  That means I was allowed to shop!  YES!  I was okay with the extra effort since this is my first year working out of the house and actually getting to enjoy it all.  AND AND AND my parents are coming up to spend Christmas with us! I think they come up almost every year, but still.  I love that they come up.  I think they enjoy the mass quantities of delicious food that Joe cooks, many card games played, cooler temperatures and of course spending the holidays with their favorite child (eh-hem).

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